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About Choice CollectiblesWe at Choice Collectibles are the industry leader in animation art from Disney, Warner Brothers, Hanna Barbera, Marvel and DC Comics. We carry pop art, entertainment industry collectibles, and sports memorabilia as well. Most importantly, though, we are art lovers. Just sharing our wide variety with you gives us great joy and we are firm believers in building the market by exposing the world to great art. Our extensive retail activities do not overshadow our wholesale operations; the more people who get to see what we sell, either at our own showrooms, booths, events, website, and beyond OR at one of the galleries or worldwide to which we distribute, the better!

We are proud to be celebrating our 18th Anniversary with our professional staff whose combined art expertise comes with over 50 years of knowledge and experience.

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We are in the process of developing our new website. Therefore some items on this site are no longer available. Please visit our new website or call us at 1-877-422-4642 for the most up to date inventory selection.

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