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Carl Barks

Carl BarksBorn in 1901 in Merrill, Oregon, Carl Barks spent most of his life drawing, illustrating, painting, and telling stories about ducks. Disney Ducks have always been the favorites. In 1935, Carl joined Walt Disney Productions as a storyboard artist, gag man, and writer. He worked on more that 30 Donald Duck Shorts, as well as "Fantasia" and "Bambi" before ultimately dedicating himself in 1942 to the art for which has made him famous: comic book stories and illustration. For many years, Carl was the preeminent Disney comic book artist. His numbers had great popularity, and his contributions to the Duck family are notable. he is considered the father of miserly Uncle Scrooge and is generally credited with giving Huey, Dewey and Louie their distinctive personalities. Duckberg and many of the Duck clan woe their existence to his pen and paintbrush.

In 1986, Carl Began Something New: capturing the Disney Ducks in Dimension and brilliant hues in oil paintings. Over the years, Carl painted memorable scenes from the lives of his ducks, capturing them in everything from their greatest adventures to their moments of relaxation and repose..

Carl Barks
Carl Barks


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