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Eyvind Earle

Eyvind EarleEyvind Earle, born in New York City in 1916, renowned contemporary fine artist spent many years developing his talent and unique style. The son of artist Ferdinand Earle, Eyvind got an early start in painting, working on his first canvas at age 10. In his turbulent youth, Eyvind traveled through Europe with his father and struggled through the Depression with his mother.

After several years in New York as well as stint in the Navy, Eyvind returned to California and in 1951 found a job working for Disney as an assistant background painter. With eight hours a day to paint, and a work environment rich in accomplished artists, Eyvind refined his style and skill.

Walt Disney quickly recognized his singular talent, and after nights and weekends of painting conceptual pieces on his own, Eyvind convinced Walt to let him color style the animated film Sleeping Beauty. Because the film was in production for nearly six years, Eyvind not only styled the backgrounds and chose the color palette, he pained many of the backgrounds himself, producing one of the largest themed bodies of work of his life.

Eyvind Earle
Eyvind Earle

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