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For monthly payment options, please visit our new website:

Please call to discuss with us how to set up your Monthly Payment Plan. Shorter or longer terms may be available upon request.

Monthly Payment Plan details:

  • A 4 month payment plan requires a one quarter deposit of the total sale.
  • Your Credit Card on file will be charged immediately for the 25% down payment, and then every 30 days thereafter until all payments are complete.

    ie: Purchase on April 10th (first payment made immediately) and you will be automatically billed on May 10th, June 10th and July 10. Your order will then ship out on July 10.

  • Your purchase will be shipped after final payment is satisfied
  • Artwork can be paid in full sooner for earlier shipping
Payments are not cash refundable. Cancellations on Payment Plans become Choice Collectibles Gallery credit. Reason for this is because when we tie up inventory for Payment Plans, that is inventory that cannot be sold.

Monthly Payment Options.

We are in the process of developing our new website. Therefore some items on this site are no longer available. Please visit our new website or call us at 1-877-422-4642 for the most up to date inventory selection.

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