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Salvador Dali

Salvador DaliIn 1937, Salvador Dali wrote to his dear friend Andre Breton, founder of the surrealist art movement in Paris, and said, “I have come to America and I am in contact with three great American surrealists – the Marx Brothers, Cecil B. DeMille, and Walt Disney.” Breton envisioned Surrealism as an art form that would draw its content from the unexplored realm of the subconscious human mind, ferreting out unparalleled honesty and otherworldly images that would turn the world’s concept of art on its head. In such total abandon, Breton and others believed the world would find absolute freedom.

Walt Disney found an unexpected artistic soul mate in Salvador Dali, who he may have met as early as 1937. “We have to keep breaking new trails,” Disney said at the time. “Ordinarily good story ideas don’t come easily and have to be fought for. Dali is communicative. He bubbles with ideas.”

Now fully realized and invigorated with the help of 3D computer technology, the new “Destino” project was kept as close as possible to the original vision laid out by Disney and Dali in 1946. Director Domonique Monfery and producer Baker Bloodworth utilized many traditional techniques of animated filmmaking as well as cutting-edge technology to emulate what they termed the “plastic quality” of Dali’s multi-dimensional imagery. Fifty-seven years later, the brainchild of Dali and Disney was finally born. “Destino” is, according to the curator of the Gala-Salvador Dali Foundation, “the perfect combination of Dali and Disney”.

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